Event Info - "CANCELED" 2021 adidas WCNQ

Description Entry FeeTeamsMax Teams
111 National$800.00 8
212 American$800.00 20
312 National$800.00 16
413 American$800.00 44
513 Open$800.00 12
613 USA$800.00 24
714 American$800.00 76
814 Open$800.00 28
914 USA$800.00 32
1015 American$800.00 92
1115 Open$800.00 28
1215 USA$800.00 44
1316 American$800.00 84
1416 Open$800.00 32
1516 USA$800.00 48
1617 American$800.00 64
1717 Open$800.00 40
1817 USA$800.00 48
Event Details
"CANCELED" 2021 adidas WCNQ
National Qualifier - Girls
Great Lakes (GL)
Great Lakes Region
McCormick Place Chicago
2301 S Martin Luther King Drive
United States of America (USA)

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Event Information

Thank you for entering the 2021 adidas Windy City National Qualifier.  Currently, the State of Illinois, is in Stage 4 of the reopening process and volleyball is labeled as a medium risk which means everything except competition is allowed.  We are extremely hopeful and cautiously confident our governor and mayor will change this status soon.  Our office is checking daily for all updates from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

We ask that you please provide us with a good email for future communication, so you do not miss any updates we send out. Until we are sure that competition will be allowed, there is no need to send in payment right now.  Once we know for sure, we will let you know and open credit card payments. To be fair to everyone we will not be accepting any teams until we have a contract with our venue and housing is opened for those outside the 50-mile radius.

Housing will open once we finalize a contract with the venue.  They cannot contract with hotels until we have a signed agreement.  We are in the final stages of that now and will let you know when housing opens.  If you are attending outside the 50-mile radius, hotel rooms within our block is a requirement.  We can accept your teams without the entry fee, but not without the minimum amount of room nights.  We are told by housing that you will not be charged for anything until we know we are moving forward with the tournament.

We will be putting together the best safety plan to provide a safe playing environment for everyone attending the tournament. We will have the proper safety regulations implemented. We will provide more safety updates we will be using during the duration of the tournament. We look forward to seeing you and your teams.   Here is a link to all the steps McCormick Place Chicago is taking to make this a very safe and enjoyable experience for your team(s). https://www.mccormickplace.com/mpea-safety-plan-executive-summary/ 

Thank you again, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.



Teams have until the first day of play to update their team roster. All teams are required to turn in a signed copy of their team roster at the designated team check-in location and time posted on the tournament's website. Please make sure your roster is clean, correct and complete. A completed team roster will have each player’s name, jersey number, and verified USAV #. All coaches must have 1) A verified USAV #, 2) Have IMPACT Certification and 3) Be Safe Sport Trained in order to sit on the bench. We highly recommend that the contact person on the roster is on-site at the tournament as we use this information to contact the team for any emergency updates during the event.

To be accepted in the event, you must 1) Enter the event, 2) Pay your entry fees and 3) Have hotel confirmation for each team (12 room night minimum per team for those beyond a 50 mile radius of the event, example: 4 rooms each for 3 nights or 3 rooms each for 4 nights) must be received by March 26, 2021 or until a division fills. IF YOU DON'T RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL THAT SAYS YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED IN THE TOURNAMENT, IT MEANS YOU HAVE NOT YET BEEN ACCEPTED.

Refund Policy: Full refund of Entry Fee ($800.00) if requested prior to being accepted into the tournament; If requested after a team has been accepted $600.00 will be refunded, up until March 05, 2021 and/or the tournament fills and closes. No refunds will be issued after the tournament closes.