Event Info - 2021 Lone Star Classic Wk 3 (15s-17s; SWBT Finals)

Description Entry FeeTeamsMax Teams
115 Club$745.00 64
215 Open$795.00 28
315 Select$745.00 64
415 USA$795.00 64
516 American$805.00 144
616 Club$745.00 48
716 Open$795.00 32
816 Select$745.00 24
916 USA$795.00 64
1017 American$795.00 112
1117 Club$745.00 20
1217 Open$795.00 28
1317 USA$795.00 56
14SWBT 12s (Sat-Sun)$350.00 8
15SWBT 13s (Sat-Sun)$350.00 8
16SWBT 14s (Sat-Sun)$350.00 12
17SWBT 15s (Sat-Sun)$350.00 8
18SWBT 16s (Sat-Sun)$350.00 12
19SWBT 17s (Sat-Sun)$350.00 8
20SWBT 18 Club (Sat-Sun)$350.00 8
21SWBT 18 Open (Sat-Sun)$350.00 12
Event Details
2021 Lone Star Classic Wk 3 (15s-17s; SWBT Finals)
National Qualifier - Girls
Lone Star (LS)
Austin Sports Center
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
650 S Griffin St
United States of America (USA)

****** All dates and times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)******

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Event Information

The Lone Star Classic National Qualifier will take place over 3 days. Acceptance into the tournament is first come, first served once all registration requirements are completed and is always contingent on space availability. To be accepted teams must satisfy the following criteria: 


  1. Register on AES
  2. Submit entry fee payment
  3. Fulfill the Stay to Play Policy



Teams who register and/or pay after the registration DEADLINE (Feb. 2) will incur an additional $50 fee; teams who register and/or pay after the registration CLOSE DATE (Mar. 3) will incur another $50 fee, increasing their entry fee into the tournament by $100. Please take note that the AES late registration date listed below is the date at which the additional $50 will start. Teams will have until 11:59pm on January 26 to register and pay without a fee.



This event is a stay to play tournament. Any team traveling further than 60 miles must secure a minimum number of rooms through EM2 Housing. Rooms booked directly through hotels will not apply. Visit https://www.advancedeventsystems.com/hotels to shop hotels online. Reservations open on November 1st @ 8am CST.

If you do not see enough rooms available for your team, or your preferred hotel is sold out, please contact EM2 Housing for assistance immediately. If you book rooms on your own with a hotel directly, or through an alternate housing website, your team will not qualify to participate in this stay to play tournament. 

EM2 Housing
Monday–Friday, 8am - 5pm CST
Phone - 1-800-603-0917
Email em2housing@em2housing.com


All roster changes should be made within AES at the time of the online check-in.  If there are changes made after you have checked in your team, you will need to email events@austinsportscenter.com to request the team’s check-in be reset. Then you will need to complete the online check-in process again.

NEW: Absolutely no paper copies will be accepted at the event, so it is extremely important you have your roster updated online prior to arriving.


To participate in any USAV bid tournament, rosters must include: 

  1. Minimum of ONE (1) Head Coach
  2. All rostered staff must be FULL MEMBERS of a Region of USA Volleyball, be SafeSport trained, and have a current, cleared background screening
  3. Minimum of SIX (6) USAV registered athletes
  4. Athletes turning 18 during the season, whose teammates are minors, will be required to take "Core" Center for SafeSport training upon turning 18

Individual participation eligibility requirements (membership, background screening, IMPACT, minimum age, SafeSport trained etc.) are subject to verification by USAV, including use of random ID checks by the Event Arbitrator and/or the NQ.


We highly encourage that the contact information signed on the roster is a coach on-site at the tournament as we use this information to contact the team for any emergency updates during the event.


All teams must check-in online prior to their first match. There will be no on-site check-in and no paper copies will be accepted at the event.