What our Clients Say about AES

AES is the easiest way to create, coordinate and manage your next tournament. But don’t listen to us. Take it from our satisfied customers.

"AES stands for Advanced Event Systems but it should really stand for Awesome Excellent Service! I have had the pleasure of using AES tournament scheduling software for the last three years running the NASA Big Spring Volleyball Bash, a two-day tournament with 144 teams on 18 courts under one roof. While we are not a giant qualifier, teams expect lots of information fast – which AES empowers us to provide.

AES was one of a few products available when we wanted to go paperless, but they were the ONLY company willing to provide their service to our relatively small tournament. From initial setup defining the tournament flowchart to seeding and last-minute team adds or drops, AES provides near-real time updates to ensure accurate, useful data dissemination. That means coaches, players, and parents can quickly check results before heading back to their hotels, and view the next day’s schedule and court status before heading to the facility so they don’t have to wait around for hours.

AES is invaluable in tallying final pool finishes - no more calculators or cumbersome point tallying. With a concise view of pool results, tie-breaking is easy as organizers and coaches can easily see head-to-head results and match, set, and point percentages online quickly. Post-tournament reporting is equally valuable, enabling me to output all divisions, pool sheets, playoff matches and division finish, which I send to region offices with the push of a button.

Behind this fantastic functionality and continual innovation, AES delivers exemplary support. The few times I’ve called with questions, their experts have helped me quickly and professionally. And each year within moments of my first data push, AES calls me to ensure sure things are working well and to wish me good luck on a great tournament. A great product backed by great people who generally care. What more could you ask for?"

Tracy Smith
NASA Big Spring Volleyball Bash

Dear AES,

"I wanted to thank you for the excellent work you did scheduling, rescheduling and training me for the Heart of Dixie Tournament. The tournament was a success with many clubs looking forward to returning next year with even more of their teams.

The scheduling project had some extra challenges because it was our first ever, had odd bracket sizes and several last-minute changes. I appreciate so much the AES product and your volleyball tournament experience that you so willingly shared as well. AES professionals are very patient and dedicated to doing whatever it takes to do a job well.

I look forward to working with AES again next year!"

Lauren Hood
Capital City Juniors
Club Administrator

"I have been working with AES for four years for scheduling and registration for the Great Lakes Volleyball, Wisconsin Boys Volleyball Festival, and Badger Region Volleyball Association, Badger Region Championships.

AES registration is very intuitive and easy to use, the reports are thorough, and the Team Roster Report is very well developed and in compliance with USA Volleyball (our member organization). Additionally, The Mailing Center feature enables us to disburse important information quickly and efficiently. AES provides educational materials and help for any and all questions that our personnel have, and their professionals continue to be extremely helpful to our clients.

Most importantly AES listens to client input. They continually improve their product to meet the customer demand and the cost-to-value is exceptional. Whether via email or phone call, AES leaves no question unanswered.

AES has proven to be the leader in volleyball programming and it is a major reason why we are able to successfully conduct large events."

Thank You,
Terry Paulson
Badger Region Tournament Director/Events Coordinator

"Please accept this as a letter of support for Advanced Event Systems and more importantly, Brad Preston. We have used AES as the means for tournament sign-up prior to the tournament, for the tasks associated with running a tournament DURING the event, and also to display the tournament information on-site as well as online for people to view.

As one of the smaller qualifiers, the Pacific Northwest Qualifier still probably lacks some of the pizzazz of the larger qualifiers, but with the help of AES, playing with the “big dogs” has become more and more realistic. We started out as many qualifiers did, by doing everything manually, posting written results on the wall at the playing sites, and writing a simple program to display “live results” to post on our website—only utilizing AES solely as a sign-up system for our teams. AES has completely changed the way we do things—and we are so grateful!

As the years have passed, we have grown, and so has our relationship with AES and Brad. When we made the decision to use AES during the tournament, it was a huge step for us as it meant giving up some of our “human control” and relying solely on technology. While there were a few bumps in this process, Brad was amazing and his willingness to fix things is what makes us keep using AES year after year! With each year, AES has gotten better and better. The last two years at our qualifier have been completely flawless—before, during, and after the tournament.

Whether it’s the pre-tournament phase, the data entry during the tournament, or the information that is displayed, the one thing that has impressed us the most is Brad’s commitment to stand behind his product and his willingness to accept input and feedback FROM the customer to make the product better for the users! Each year I have “ideas” for Brad that almost always gets implemented and if there is a bug, it always is remedied. No matter how tall our order may be, Brad’s response is always a positive one.

Our staff is very appreciative of Advanced Event Systems and how it has helped us streamline the work associated with running a large event. Thank you Brad and AES!"

April Stark
Pacific Northwest Qualifier